Rylan Simpson, Ph.D. Police Officer Perception Project (POPP)

Rylan Simpson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6


The Police Officer Perception Project (POPP): An experimental evaluation of factors that impact perceptions of the police
Rylan Simpson

Publication Information: Journal of Experimental Criminology, 13(3), 393-415. doi: 10.1007/s11292-017-9292-4.

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Police vehicles as symbols of legitimacy
Rylan Simpson

Publication Information: Journal of Experimental Criminology, 15(1), 87-101. doi: 10.1007/s11292-018-9343-5.

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Officer appearance and perceptions of police: Accoutrements as signals of intent
Rylan Simpson

Publication Information: Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 14(1), 243-257. doi: 10.1093/police/pay015.

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A typological approach to studying policing
Rylan Simpson and John R. Hipp

Publication Information: Policing and Society, 29(6), 706-726. doi: 10.1080/10439463.2017.1394299.

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What came first: The police or the incident? Bidirectional relationships between police actions and police incidents
Rylan Simpson and John R. Hipp

Publication Information: Policing and Society, 29(7), 783-801. doi: 10.1080/10439463.2017.1405957.

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Police spokespersons: A question of organizational representation
Rylan Simpson and Kamali'ilani Wetherell

Publication Information: International Journal of Police Science & Management. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/1461355720918882.

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Getting in people's faces: On the symbiotic relationship between the media and police gang units
Gravel, Jason, Jennifer Wong, and Rylan Simpson

Publication Information: Deviant Behavior, 39(2), 257-273. doi: 10.1080/01639625.2016.1269547.

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Publications In-Press

Simpson, R. “When police smile: A two sample test of the effects of facial expressions on
perceptions of police.” Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

Publications In-Progress

Simpson, R. “Calling the police: Dispatchers as important interpreters and manufacturers of calls
for service data.” Revised and resubmitted.

Simpson, R., & Croft, A. “Seeing gender in policing: The case of aggression.” Revise and

Simpson, R., & Pappas, L. “From the police to the courts: Funnel or feedback loop?” Under

Simpson, R., McCutcheon, M., & Lal, D. “Reducing speeding via inanimate police presence: An
evaluation of a police-directed field study regarding motorist behavior.” Revised and resubmitted.


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