Rylan Simpson Police Officer Perception Project (POPP)

Rylan Simpson

PhD Candidate
University of California, Irvine
2340 Social Ecology II
Irvine, California

Student Evaluations (Teaching Associate)

Course: Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology (SE13)
Session: Summer Session II 2017
Number of students: 56
Response rate: 96%

The following questions were scored on nine-point scales, with higher values indicating greater agreement/satisfaction. All point values represent median scores.

The course instructor shows enthusiasm for and is interested in the subject. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor stimulates your interest in the subject. 8 (out of 9)
The course instructor meets stated objectives of the course. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor is accessible and responsive. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor creates an open and fair learning environment. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor encourages students to think in this course. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor’s presentations and explanations of concepts were clear. 9 (out of 9)
Assignments and exams covered important aspects of the course. 9 (out of 9)
What overall evaluation would you give this instructor? 9 (out of 9)
What overall evaluation would you give this course? 8 (out of 9)

Student Testimonials

The following comments are quoted directly from students' anonymous evaluations.

• “He is extremely passionate in teaching. It is obvious to all of us that he prepared a lot before coming to a lecture. He is also very patient in explaining the concepts. He also shows great understanding for students who may struggle in this course and cares enough to explain the theories again even when 3 people did not understand them. Super approachable outside of class.”

• “He shows a lot of enthusiasm for the subject, and it’s obvious that he really wants us to succeed and do well in the class. When he knows certain concepts are harder to understand, he walks us through it and gives great examples. He’s also very knowledgeable about the subject.”

• “He is very passionate about the subject. Since day one he made a genuine effort to encourage his students to not dread statistics. It really helped me a lot because I was having a lot of anxiety about this course. Rylan was very encouraging and relatedable it made me feel very comfortable in the course. His biggest strength is his ability to relate course work to everyday experiences. I used to hate statistics, I thought it was difficult and unessessary to learn I’m not going into that field of work. Now I have a new perspective of statistics, I love that he assigned work that we could use outside of the classroom. It made the exp dunce much more rewarding. His teaching method allowed me to focus on the intrinsic value of being able to apply statistical analyses outside the classroom, and not just memorize material to ry to do well on the exam.”

• “Professor Simpson is very informative in his lectures. In lectures, he was very specific in the topics he was talking about. He made sure we wouldn’t leave lecture without grasping a concept. I am very pleased with Professor Simpson’s teaching methods. His class allowed me to grow not only as an individual but as a professional. I never really understood Microsoft Excel until Professor Simpson introduced to us an assignment relating to excel. I want to thank Professor Simpson for being an amazing teacher and for teaching us fundamental skills for other courses or graduate school.”

• “Rylan is a highly effective instructor. His lectures are very clear and concise, and I appreciate that he uses iClicker questions to gage whether or not the class understands the concepts. He’s not only a great teacher, but he is warm, caring, and truly wants to see his students succeed. It’s rare that instructors are so transparent when it comes to teaching a class. Rylan is awesome and I would instantly take another class with him given the chance!”

• “Rylan is a huge asset to UCI and the department of social ecology. He is a great inspiration for students!”


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