Rylan Simpson, Ph.D. Police Officer Perception Project (POPP)

Rylan Simpson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6

Student Evaluations (Teaching Associate)

Course: Police and Change (C139)
Session: Summer Session II 2018
Number of students: 24
Response rate: 67%

The following questions were scored on nine-point scales, with higher values indicating greater agreement/satisfaction. All point values represent median scores.

The course instructor shows enthusiasm for and is interested in the subject. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor stimulates your interest in the subject. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor meets stated objectives of the course. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor is accessible and responsive. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor creates an open and fair learning environment. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor encourages students to think in this course. 9 (out of 9)
The course instructor’s presentations and explanations of concepts were clear. 9 (out of 9)
Assignments and exams covered important aspects of the course. 9 (out of 9)
What overall evaluation would you give this instructor? 9 (out of 9)
What overall evaluation would you give this course? 9 (out of 9)

Student Testimonials

The following comments are quoted directly from students' anonymous evaluations.

• “He thoroughly knew the material and was able to explain it well. His background is extensive and provides insight into the police that otherwise I would have never been open to. Since the beginning he had a positive attitude and his teaching methods were unique and encouraging. I enjoyed lectures and the guest speakers!”

• “Instructor is clearly passionate about the subject, his students, and the learning experience. Class was well organized, presented, and engaging. Powerpoints were well made & easy to read/take notes on. Material on exams was directly related to the information being taught in class and presented in the readings. Expectations were made clear, and communication with the instructor was always easy. Instructor was always willing to answer student questions, and made sure students engaged in the class as well. The instructors refreshing enthusiasm really shined through, and seemed to translate to the students as well. Students seemed excited to be in class, and were engaged throughout the 5 weeks of the course!”

• “Instructor is very passionate and enthusiastic about the topic he teaches. He creates a safe, fair, and inclusive learning environment. The instructor is genuinely a good-hearted person who wants to see his students learn and grow.”

• “One of the best professor's I have had at UCI. I enjoy that he brings real life examples into the classroom because it helps us connect the lectures to real life.”

• “Rylan is extremely passionate about policing and takes great pride and care to discuss the issues and to help students learn. His reading assignments were fair and thoughtfully selected and his PowerPoints were always neat and understandable. Every single class his energy was always at 110% and he regularly stopped the lectures to make sure we were comprehending the material. He was always on time to class and very professional and available to help. I could honestly go on, but I just want to close by saying Rylan is truly special to the fi eld of police research and I hope once he gets his Ph.D. and tenure he continues with the same enthusiasm. Really just a wonderful class and professor.”

• “The teacher creates an open environment for students to feel free to discuss the class's contents. At the beginning of the course, I was not as open to talk during discussions and now I can't stop talking haha He also brings police officers to class to bring us a diff erent perspective and have people who are on the field giving us their perspectives. That is major because it helps us connect the dots more and see why it matters in the real world. To add to it, he also gives us his personal experience in the law enforcement field. Like wow! This class has truly been an eye opener. I hope to take more classes with him in the near future.”


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